A mysterious enemy has assembled a robot army and taken over a peaceful world. The fate of the planet now rests in the hands of a group of creepy crawlies lead by ‘Cheeky Beetle’ a shy and unproven beetle superhero. These unlikely heroes must collect all the robot power-cells scattered around 12 different locations in order to slow down the enemy long enough to give the rest of the planet time to organize a resistance.

Take control of Cheeky Beetle the worlds most modest and secret superhero. Move him around mazes in 12 different locations collecting power-cells used to power the evil robot army. You’ll need to use quick timing and jumps to avoid enemy mechs, robots and even friendly creepy crawlies who want you to prove yourself worthy enough to lead them. Collect power-ups including extra life, extra jump, speed-up, invincibility, pass-through, and enemy slowdown to give to yourself an advantage. Avoid pick-ups such as enemy speed-up, enemy invincibility, and player slow down that will help the enemy. Avoid and even jump over obstacles that fall from the sky or appear from the ground aiding or hampering your movements. Computer controlled towers on each level will shoot at the enemy giving that extra help and with 5 difficulty levels you’ll need it!

12 Different Levels
5 Difficulty Settings
Player Power-ups
Enemy Power-ups
Jump Move
Transporters and Tunnels
Computer Controlled Towers
Colour Blindness Settings
Fast Gameplay
Parental Controls Timer
Includes limited language support for: Portuguese(Brazil), Japanese, Spanish, Chinese(PRC), Italian, Korean, German, Dutch, Hindi, Russian and French.